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La requete religión más antigua que el mear? el propio mearIsu possed

What is the worlds oldest religion?

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I think its Shamanism, but I’m not sure.

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  1. chad says:


  2. rjihlazdjf says:

    I guess its nature worship (no name)

  3. Fireball says:

    God walked with Adam Himself and then Jewish..

  4. Who are you? says:

    The oldest extant religion is Hinduism.

  5. Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian says:

    Probably there was a cave-dweller somewhere back there that worshipped a mountain, or a tree, or a rock, or lightning, or something else that he felt had power to help or harm him. It’s just the way human beings think.

  6. American Atheist says:

    the world oldest belief is Atheism

    rjihlazdjf- that would be Paganism

    are people saying that man believed in god before he didn’t, this makes no sense

    Eric C- so Jesus wasn’t a Jew, learn about your own religion please

  7. waygoddoesthings says:

    The babylonion system.

  8. myohmuy says:

    I think it’s nature worship too. I mean don’t you got your lucky pen/shirt. That’s already a basic!

  9. Eric C says:

    Well, clearly Adam and Eve were the first to people to walk the earth, and they believed in the Christian God, since they interacted with him on a daily basis, so Christianity was the first religion. And then all those other stupid religions started popping up and it was downhill from there.

  10. "<>" says:

    Jewish (God’s people according to the old testament)

  11. Poo Flinger needs Caffeine!!!! says:

    Shamanism is a practice, not a religion, animism is a belief that all things have a spirit, not really a religion. Hinduism is the oldest recorded religion, but they were influenced by the religion of the Aryans, the Persians who invaded them. My favorite answer that no one seems to pay any attention to is the discovery of a 70,000 year old idol of a snake. Archaeologists believe snakes were worshipped because man of that era might have believed snakes to be immortal. When man found the hollow shell of a shed snake skin, he might have mistaken that for a snake being reborn:

    There is also evidence of religion in cave paintings, and the burial methods of Neandertal man and homo sapiens of the same era; they were buried with tools, food, sometimes mates or servants, and in fetal positions facing certain directions as if to find their way to an afterlife, suggesting a religion, or a belief in an afterlife. Neandertal man lived about 230,000 years ago.

  12. moo says:

    We actually don’t know what the oldest religion in the world is, but animism seems to be the oldest *known* religion, so most people regard it in this manner.

    It’s also believed that Australian aboriginal beliefs might date back to 60,000 or so years ago.

    Hinduism, also takes the place as one of the oldest organized religion being known to man, since Sanskrit is the oldest written language that we know of to date.

    There were also many Pagan beliefs, that turned up, but Zoroastrianism, is credited with being the first monotheistic belief, with Judaism following it, and then Christianity and Islam coming in later.

    Contrary to popular belief: Judaism is NOT the oldest religion (and I say this as someone who was raised as an Orthodox Jew).

  13. Julia S says:

    Still widely in practice? Hinduism, I believe. Texts have been found dating to more than 2000 BCE

  14. snezhinka says:

    Paganism, but the one known of today is Judaism.

  15. <><7seven78><> says:

    The many different forms of sUn worship as well as astrology worship.

    Judaism is not far behind.

  16. pat m says:

    Oldest written religion, Hinduism.

  17. JefFlyingV says:

    I’d have to go with animism as the earliest form of religion. The idea that plants and animals have souls that can be appealed to with the proper ritual.

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