lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Kropindex. How open is your school?

The global irruption of internet have made available a global culture after times where national states imposed their own culture inside their own physical frontiers.

As Capitalism advanced over the Globe, the main discourse were closing itself towards what have been called "Pensamiento Único", that is, a supossed only way of thinking, living and organizing politicaly our lives.

But all that views showed themselves extraordinaty limited, as the World is a very rich puzzle of people and cultures, and thus very far from over simplified western views.

The resultant global cultural landscape of humanity is thus of a very rich complexity, that now emerges for all us, after times where our visions were cut by the closeness of each natinal state own view.

From all that dimensions of life, thinking, and action, we could take political, social organization as a variable.

Anarchism is a social organization that have been intended to hide it from different social organizations, both, from the right, and from the left point of view.

At the same time, anarchism is a kind of social organization that have pervaded a long history of social human organization in history.

On the other hand anarchism is a way of political social organization that connect with maybe the main kind of social organization in human peoples along history.

Primitive communism, or comunitarism, was and is a way of social organization very common for many people living in nowadays world.

The diversity of indigenous groups in the World, showing that way of social organization, is overwhelming. No matters if Eurocentrism marking that narrow thinking trend in many national states have made as if indigenous people just didn't existed at all.

Thus we have anarchism and communitarism, as two kinds of social organizations very present in human history and in human actual times.

On the other side it is important to take in account that many of our lives are lived inside that kinds of ancestral social organizations, as "instintive" ways of life that we follow living as important parts of our own lives. All parts of our own lives where no capitalistic tools are used, are from that kind.

Anyway formaly that kind of social organization continue to be underrepresented in all formal information and formation channels in nowadays global culture.

In last times capitalism have been widely questioned along all formal and not formal channels through mass media and internet.

But as people have not been presented to that diferent kinds of social organizations, people had no enough information to think other possible ways of social organizations available for their own futures.

Koprotkin index of openess in universities and school mark the degree in which a certain school of university include anarchism or comunitarism within their educational aims.

Use a search in the web to see how that two kinds of social organizations are or not present in the academic grounds of yous school or university...

Put: koprotkin, and "universidad de málaga", for example, and you will have a view of that. Thanks....

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