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The Symbiorg. With Whom?

If you multiply the possibilities opened within culture, multiplying all the memes within these two manifestos (Donna Haraway: Cyborg manifesto, and Animal Companions manifesto), it is very difficult do not imagine the resultant giant mahonese for the society of knowledge. And you know. Knowledge, you know, is money.

The actual question in nowdays science for implementing the knowledge process of co evolution among hundreds and hundreds of unknown new theories and scientific discoveries, is not more: Why? but: With Who?

With Whom are we sharing our lives?

With Whom evidently including, not only society, but ecosystem too.

It is enough to read what we write, in so many channels, to know if when speaking, we are speaking of a "virtual" societal world, or actualy of the holistic, ecosystemic world we (I think) are living within.

So much have been writen about the abyss between two two-century cultural separated fields of knowledge in West.

Within culture, an abyss were opening creating a "virtual" new field of knowledge, called science.

You could imagine that as a rol playing.

Do you want to know the level of actual integration of knowledge among your teachers?

Look at their writen opinions about what is science.

Acording to what they say of what they think or defines science, you could have a clear idea of the age of their science.

If they separe science from knowledge, they are in a eighteen-century-scientific-thinking.

Please, my teacher, look at your watch!

Yes O.K.

Please say to me in wich day we are living now!

Yes O.K. today is the day after yesterday.

Thanks. Within which year?

You know. In A.C., D.C. format, 2010.

Thanks again. But in which century?

Uhmmm? o.k., Twentyoneth century, You know.

Ahhh, "ya estuvo": And Why We Are Learning in 21th Century a two centuries delayed science?

Symbiorg is also a cloud of different seeds grown in another garden. Symbiophilosophy, Symbiodiversity, Symbiodomotics.

Symbiophilosophy enhances those philosophies that enhance symbiosis under a wider point of view than, in general, biologists think and write about.

Symbiophilosophy growing exponentialy in last scientific times.

Along that growing process, symbiophilosophy were feeding here and there.

But you know. A superglue is a superglue.

After your fingers are in contact with superglue, you know what is a superglue.

A superglue means that symbiophilosophy, symbiodiversity, symbiodomotics are sixters, like "trwins": three-on-one twins. They have being growing together. Just if you think about symbiosis you would find easier and easier to make the symbiosis also among the different fields of knowledge.

As my friend Al.Se. put on the table one day the book of Michel Serres, The NorthWest Pass, I was motivated with this guy. Two groups, he say, form the academic machine. Los Cultos Ignorantes. Y los Sabios Incultos. Entre bastidores hay un tercer grupo que se lo pasa pipa viendo las batallitas y todo el circo. Los populíticos, que manejan a aquellos como hilos de titiritero.

In a syncronic view, the new pass open in Artic for transport et al., is a recall of that strong idea of Michel Serres, that we think we are opened in last years (or closed, acording to your own perspective).

What a big abyss is, is an open space to cover.

It is like a monstruous mega war between two big empires. A strong frontier separated during centuries that two empires. They were evolving separated. But evidently, that separation were partial, or fuzzy. A part of academy were constructing that bridge, in a contagious way, mainly in last times, where so surprising and gratificante are the scientific news from so many fields of knowledge and from many points of the academic planet. Of course, "extramuros", fuera, más allá de la academia está la gente, la vida cotidiana del academico, el sentido comun, bombeando megabites and megabites of info through that temporal, two centuries, western academic barrier.

Symbiophilosophy in their best example, practical and theoretical, is without any doubt phenomenology. The considered by Javier San Martin "the secret 20th philosophy", has a sample of basic tenets that smells, as an old nectar that were hiden of our (academic) consciousness a long time.

What amazed me was the supossed dificulty San Martin find in the comprehension of phenomenology by other philosophes and academics.

What amazed me was the strong smelling to common sense (sensing) that phenomenology transpires.

What amazed me was, definitely, the idea of that shamanism, after try to hide it from academies and formal knowledge, during centuries, had that window met for passing again within the fields of formal knowledge.

What amazed me is that, when 21th century biology had not found a way of integrating perception as a biological system, if you are able to pass through the looking glass, that is towards, the field of knowledge where logic is studied. That is philosophy (et al.,). You will find a whole field of formal philosophical knowledge, where that basic action for humans and other otherness, as perception is, is so very well explain, that a concatenal implosion is coming, towards many, all fields of knowledge. Phenomenology.

What amazed me was that 20th century philosophy (et al.,) were growing very much, when feeding in Phenomenology. Phenomenology was a mother for many advances in 20th century knowledge, thinking, and action.

What amazed me was the title of the book by San Martin: "Husserl Phenomenology as a Strong Rationality". What Husserl explain so clear is the basic vital action, that is, the basic input output action of human subjects in the society of knowledge.

The abduction (1.0) from lineal writing, lineal classroom, lineal motorways (et al.,) during times, at the same time that lineal models have been enriching so much the corpus of knowledge that today shape knowledge society, has aided, complementary, to forget the development of a overall attention, the development of circunspection.

At what level? or levels? Elephant and blinds metaphor. What the big tower of scientific knowledge has grown in vertical level, was compensated with a lost of attention towards a more open and wide contemplation. Towards the reconnection among all those pieces of specialised knowledge that were growing last half century in all that hyper garden of academies and research.

Two world views. Two diferent kind of abduction

(1.0) (2.0)

World 1.0 is a server where the drivers are called REP. It is the world of the "repetition sindrome".

World 2.0 is a server where the drivers are called FEN. It is the phenomenal (¡in spanish!) world of sensations. Or Sensosfera.

Where I can meet that two kind of World?

In the classroom. If almost all time are you looking to front, to one side only of classroom. If you are static sit down within a half cubic meter volume. Quiet. What kind of World You Are Within such a classrooom and classes?

If you enjoy everyday some hours in the classroom speaking face to face to other members learning through that conversations, constructing on the seeds of the previous lecture. Which World is?

If you are biking, taking and choosing any road without the signalectic intromision of hundreds of trafic signals. What World Is it?

If your blog don't sin again the strict gramatical, orthographic, etc... of "Diccionario de la Real Academia Española de la Lengua", whose rules were coming from middle age spanish first european grammar (Antonio de Lebrija) with some later changes, that means your thinking (and acting) extreme obedience to that overall corpus from writing social and cultural rules designed precisely for that you are not going out of the king sovereignty. You know.

Why there is not a single spanish wikipedia?

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