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No podrá resolverse jamás... de esa manera

El supuesta mente (separada del cuerpo) "difícil problema", no podría jamás resolverse de esa manera.

"¡Convídense Compadritos!".

Consciousness: A new beginning.

(Artículo meditado para el British Medical Journal)

Consciousness is a infimonikal hiperfunction, derived from three matricial functions: "Con", "Scious" and "Ness".

As ethimologically "Consciousness" means "Shared-Knowledge".

"Shared-Knowledge", by its turn, may be composed of three fuzzy sets.

Shared-Knowledge of type "A".

Shared-Knowledge of type "B".

Shared-Knowledge of type "C".

Shared type "A" knowledge are row sensations at all. Are all the sensations people share within everyday life. Of any kind. But remember that we are speaking about row ("pure") sensations. And nothing more.

Type "A" sensations are equal to the first of the above three matricial functions ("Con")

Type "B" sensations are not pure sensations, as they surprised our sensorial systems in the midle of that Daniel Everett call under the "Inmediatecy of experience principle". This principle smells very similar or parallel to the synchronicity principle of Karl Jung.

Type "B" sensations are not primeçary, but derived sensations, the result of a translation of the pure world of primaeval/primary, virgin, sensations towards the field of thinking, that in it first step may be emotional thinking.

Type "B" sensations are called, for that, "Psi" matricial function, within the semanthic infimonikal hyperfunction we call with the same term: Con-Scious-Ness (Con-"Psi"-Ousness).

In arriving to our working place, I discovered in the face of my nearest colleague a very explicit joyfullness, for example...

Until this moment, that was pure sensation: a joy face in front of you, in a moment very early on the day, when people usually don't express such a joyfull face.

Well, after that first instantaneous moment, you say him: "You feel very happy". In this moment you are in the "Psi" dimension. You have translated the codici in your friend face as a happy face, and as a happy man or wooman.

The next dimension corresponds with type "C" matricial function: From all the sensorial information accumulated in previous instants, you derived within another dimension or matricial function.

You think about any possible reason whatever it can be, why your colleague is so happy...

You begin what in popular spanish we say "comerte el coco"...

In spanish, "consciousness" is spelled as "con cien cia".

We could freely derive that this three words means:
(cia: means "compañía)
(cien: means one hundred)
con: means with...or sometimes in this article "within").
Conciencia means that within humankind and, at their turn (russian dolls), within earth planet, we are one hundred, we are not a single individual, our powerful comes from that: from our true "trans-composition", our own consciousness building processes as a multidimension set of complexity processes where the unity is ecosystem, whatever it would be.
Conciencia significa que, si consideramos nuestra propia "indentridad" (identidad inclusiva en multidimensionales muñecas rusas) = in + dentridad, estamos siempre como cayendo en un torbellino que cae dentro de un fluir torbellinesco que a su vez está cayendo etc...

Well, triads are in general a very practical squelet for any infimonikal model.

We chose three parts of a term (con-scious-ness)

We choose now three arbitrary parts within a sphere.

The sphere, itself.

The (ecuatorial) circle.

And the (mere point in the) center.

The center are you, as observer and sensorial complex system.

The circle is humankind.

The sphere is planet Earth.

According to your own academic specialty, for example, you would be more familiar with different subsets of these three fuzzy subsets.

Take in account that, many times, when "Times" or any newspaper, is talking about "a social problem", you would easily could derive the environmental, or ecological dimensions of that "social problem".

But newspapers try to capture your attention, from the social part of the question mainly. You know.

As all our actions and activities develop forcefully within a certain space-time, they are forcefully connected with space, and thus, within a certain ecosystem.

Technically we could speak about a clear kind of linear abduction process, because a certain complex system, that may be called "Life", with all that dimensions: personal, humankind, and planet earth, is derived, or reduced semantically, to another diifferent sub system, that only included a certain proportion of these three reality dimensions.

You are a citizen, social, a part of humankind, that lives on, or within planet earth.

The overall sensorial consensus towards this curious linear abduction process were assured by three diferent abductive systems very common throughout the formative processes of "both": mind-and-bodies, of the "planer-class", that is the class of humankind whose co-rresponsibility is higher in relation with the destiny of overall humankind.

The three processes that maintain with a "magical" resilience, the actual levels of so low eficiency in the (westerminded) humankind are three "giga atractors" that can be called:
"the lonely car"
"the lonely reader"
"the lonely student".

Please try, by gugel and your friends to discover what names receive these three intrigating resilient atractors in actual westernminded intelectual class...

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