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Conservation Biology of the Brain

A first anotation; SymBioDiversity is Kamikaze Conservation Biology. We, as human species has so much learned in last half-century that, objectively, the possible solutions to scape from the paradoxical tramp where human species was caught, were, with high probability, somewhere. Exactly anywhere, because the solutions were actually coming, in a ever-condensated style, the way in which the so-called Integration and Implementation Sciences work.

We could change that term: Integration and Implementation Sciences, by many other, and the meaning or message would not change. Complexity, systemic, holistic, transdiciplinar, transversal, horizontal, second order cybernetics or sociology, participatory epistemology, symbiosis, cooperation, coopetition, autopoyesis, caos, comunism, anarchy, colectivism, democracy, autoorganization.

Of course we actually assist to a babelic redundancy in all fields of knowledge. Or, if you see from another angle, a mega-economic-deficit, because that babelic redundancy is actually noise that prevented to find solutions from that very big treasure that actual science is.

Conservation ethimologically comes from to serve together: the action of serving together, that is, the basic action of communities in all species: in order to survive.

Conservation Biology is, merely, to live our own lives (our own biology) in order to survive ourself-and-our-species.

If Bacterial Sociology denounces (producing a shock in sociologist' brains) that quorum (sensing) is the basis of any social kind of life:

How it was possible that the only crucial problem in this 21-century humanity is actually the missing of a clear consensus?

This clear consensus exist, but it still not has permeated to "the 1.0 World".

1.0 World is the World of formal political discourse, and the world of science bureaucrats and or specialists.

2.0 World is the emerging World all over the World, that is actually (re)building the society that during years and or centuries this circus democracy were trying to steal from communities..

Circus democracy has definitely failed in that attempt. There are many causes. Synchronicity and Abduction, as two powerful tools of that emergent 21 century science, say as that the crucial point is what we see with our eyes that happen in our surroundings, and thus not to fix our main attention (our brains) in the causes, because causes would be a miriad. Abduction mental processes, as the basis of creativity, invites us not to lose too much time looking for the causality. Causality, from a Flow Psicology perspective, comes easy later. After you try to DESCRIBE the system.

To describe the system include mainly two methods:
1.- phenomenology in the description (phenomenology permit you and me a "within-description", a row description, a very basic description, a universal, multicultural description...including the minimum interpretation possible)
2. In spanish (Castaneda...) shamanic sense: "ACECHAR". In english, Mindfulness. But acechar and mindfulness in your everyday life. Shamanism have easy , old, and funny methods (you would remember your child plays) to tune your sensorial systems in this work. Also naturalists have a deep experience in so-called sensosphere. The only difference is that we refer to perceive ALL sensosphere, piece by piece, (quantum phenomenology), and not selecting only a certain part of your surroundings, you know. You use your powerful scaner or sonar systems (ecolocation, mirror neurons, Neuronal Adult revitalization, organism-environement theory) as we explain along this kamikaze blog...

Our surroundings have been growing in space and people as internet, and Web 2.0 were inundated the old spaces, plenty of frontiers, where circus democracy was "the queen".

In Paraguay they say: "Ya Pasó", "Ya Estuvo".

Conservation Biology of the Brain.

In the step-by-step ethimological style adopted in this article, the next step would be "Conservation Biology of the Brain" (or CBBRain)

CBBrain means thus the way of life and the way to adopt a certain social consensus about the health and the survival of our (humanity) brain.

Human Brain is on the top of our bodies, and it is connected through a miriad of sensors and or neurons, both, with our bodies and, it is also important, with our surroundings or ecosystem.

Our hipotesis in this article is that actual dominant scientific discourse speak very much about brain (in neurobiological discourses), but neurobiology is actually closed by barriers that prevent that neurobiological discourses would reach our body, our senses, and (in the very "far-west" of neurobiological discourses...) the surroundings or ecosystem.

Our polymathic adventure of 20 years (inevitably collective), make today very easy to discover that same barriers of borders in any discipline.

Take for example Conservation Biology: How many papers of this magazine speak about people?

My old experience in biogeographical analysis say to me that it is possible, and very easy, to apply their methods to scientifictexts, or ay newspapers article. The question is to discover what type of barrier close and define any text or discipline, or course. Strong Barriers and Weak Barriers.

You may do a list of memes (terms) that today characterizes that systemic revolution at many levels. To define a certain territory (text...) as "A Castle", or "A Bar", will proportionally depend of the richness in that "new species", coming from the systemic revolution.

The degree in colonization in systemic ideas and memes of any text, or course will say us the degree of opennesss of the semanthic territory we study.

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