jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

SymBioDiversity. The Power of Common Sense

Instructions for the autonomous and free development, of that quantum-phenomenology-based-text:

Look at any tool for mining information, of any type. Feel symbiodomothic, and choose not only one door for that work. Try for example a dictionary (book, paper book) to look for the phylogeny of the memes in the title of the post. Maybe you need only five minutes. Maybe your imagination leads you tu walk, serendipically, across the semanthic world you have in front of you right now. sbd, t, p, o, c, and s. are the "acronyms" for the terms in the title of this post. You think in any of them and try to find any other term that could be of the same ethimological family... So maybe you don't need any data base but the enoermous database registered in your actual memory, as a sensing being swalowing ¡actualy! an amount of sensorial data that is actualy yours...

Well, by the different ways you could choose to go into this quantum phenomenological post, you are going, basicaly, playing a game very simple. You are going from a meme to another meme, or idea. You are connecting memes as you feel the world as uterus where you are inside. You are living-and-at-the-same-time-you-are-inevitably-learning. It is not important what type of info you are in conversation within. Diversity of info is important. But anycase, in a quantum phenomenological infimonikal sensosphere-based world, the diversity, being related to scale, you only need to reduce your scale of observation to be aware of the great dimensions of the amount of sensorial data that you, unconscious or not are "eating and eating".

Yes, you could say, as hipotesis, that, sensorial data entries in a "sensorial-deprivating-camera" as in the movie: "ShortBus", could be "inferior", in numerical dimensions, that in the midle of Central Park.

But look at "inferior" meme. That means "below", or "inside". In the aparent "silent" space of that camera, precisely you could find the ocasion to look for "below", or "inside". Because your body herself is a very very very complex autopietic system. And in that "soft" circunstances your sinestesic sensorial system are invited to permeate that old barrier called: "our skin"...

And you have that blog, that, sumarily explain from the implication (phenomenology approach), the complex and rich interrelations chips among common sense (community at all) and "the "castle of science".........................................

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