jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Holistik Health in Holy Room

MKPTMK in-actioN

"La Ciencia del Placer Compartiendo"

HoHeHoRo - Holistik Health in Holy Room

During years, native digitals, indigo children, taken as inclusional terms, have been living a cultural revolution. Learning and living. In our societies. Their bodies, science said, are superbeings. In the meanwhile, a miriad of laberintic semiotics, we can say, signaletics, has clouded the vision of the senior generation. Senior generation that confiaba to the young generation, a holistic learning, looking for to have, that new generations, the tools for living, and to solve possible conflicts.

If you read texts books, or merely the dictatum, desires, in a political campaing. In that moment, all politics are peterpan in the paradise. Paradise as the sume of desires which whose they will try to ensamble to us, in order to living all people the best.

Meanwhile the "Mama" of the political church of Europe said stop to happiness, to the estar dos en bienestar, and later, recortes...

And Global Multicultural World, have been eurocentricaly denied, with the magics, sympathetic magics, of that abductive system type one.

But paradise is here, growing through a sovereign mayority of anonym people all over the world, from China to Maya territories.

Many institutions, fed by all the renovation in generations, have taken all that real utopias to reality, in municipalities etc...

But conventional mass media followed ignoring, denyiing, that.

The paradise is a alfombra de recortes de aquí y allá.

Basta unir los deseos que todo el planeta ha llevado en la practica a cabo, y de lo que gugel está a rebosar,

Para que sean aplicados, a la carta, dulcemente, en otras partes del planeta.

Y yastá.

cariles coche para acá, carriles burra por allá..hertejados...huertofuturrr, burrofuturrr.

cuanto vale la verdura silvestre del tm de malaga? (pregunta agugel de mis partes!)

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