sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

Biosemiotics thru Shamanism and viceversa

Both embodied and embeded phenomenpology comes from a perceiver with human shape. Yiu are the center of discourse. You feel and theink about a wider system, the ecosystem, where you are contained.

In order to jump radicaly to the ecosystem point of view from the ecosystem itself, we are going toward the awareness of considering ecosystem as a multi.embodied and multi embeded system. Where many diverse interactors are embodied and embeded, as yourself, within ecosystem.

In that way to going enough up as after to have the advantage of surfing down as within an atractor, we are considering three points in the history of a space-time we call spanish state.

Spanish state is just a superorganism where biology, phenomenology, biosemiotics, ecology, follow ruling and regulating as if one single organism were considered. Only scale change.

Change. It is a key word in that overwhelming revolution we are living nowadays. Just as the history of states is the history of a sample of changes converging within a territory.

In the spains territory three "stations" we chose: 1936-1939 Revolution; 2001-2010 Revolution; and 2011-? Revolution.

Revolution just seen as a increasing speed sample of changes. In any discipline, revolution is that. Multiple changes in small time.

In 1936.1939 Spanish revolution, social networks merged with three actors.
1) Right Politics
3) Left politics
8) Anarchysm

After seventy years of continued formal attempts to hide anarchysm and all the revolutions we know have existed in the long human history, put things in a very good situation to try a perspectivist approach, illuminating from the point of views from biosemiotics, phenomenology, junguian psicology, and shamanism.

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