viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010

Living Being and Speaking Being: Toward a Dialogical Approach to Intentionality

Hacia una Aproximación Dialógica a la Intencionalidad

Ser Viviente y Ser Hablante.


One of the main goals of cognitive science is to shed light on human knowledge. This paper states that, if daily conversations, literature, and private thought, are proper expressions of human behavior, then cognitive sciences ought to elaborate a concept of knowledge suited to this kind of activities. I draw upon the notion of discourse in Bakhtin to specify the attributes of knowing needed to account for human behavior, whose manifestations in everyday life are not reduced to representing objects but essentially oriented toward responding to others. As a central aspect of knowledge, I focus on intentionality and offer a discussion about different aspects of it. Specifically, I examine the difference between intentionality as the faculty of representation (aboutness) and intentionality as the subjective positioning toward contextually relevant ideological perspectives (meaning).

Keywords Intentionality - Dialogicality - Discourse - Meaning - Aboutness

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