miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Formulating the Thesis of Phisicalism:

An Introduction


Without looking at this paper, I feel sensosphere-proned phenomenology (first-brain: a) psicologism, b) embodiment -and-c) embededness, looking at pieces, from the "total-context", give you a top-down perspective as if you feel yourself as the Boss of situation, or situationism, from the point you are using a scientific language that both, is a multiple phenomenological approach, and also, SHE! is a evident popular and extended language, only almost extinct in the scientific, formal, approachs, and also in many dimensions of the scientific novel approaches.

Our sensosphere approach is hypermaterialism, for that i think will embrace also phisicalism, but in a so dynamical way (no objects: no statis objects, but objects materialising and dematerialising themselves, by the magics of biology, ecology, and, or, change...flowing changes in coevolution, and-or, co domestication, quanticaly entangled in you and from you, in so infinite appearance, that meanwhile the (lineal) models are ugly to approach them your communaly grown commons' sense, as from any living being, are able to easily and authomaticaly integrate them, making yourself aware that you are a infinite-prone machine that acts exactly as what you are too: a OWN QUANTUM BIOLOGIST...

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