domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

as the change is movement and the movement is change,

We have the honor of inviting you all, to that "by-product", maybe the nectar, from web 2.0, mix with some other aromas...
We invite you to freely using mkptmk server, and all their symplectic applications...among them, one that in this case, because the subject touched in that post, cannect very well with our scenario....

We share thinkings about the over lógical, and over evidential situation of information loss, in vital pieces of our society-machine.

If the problem of society would be chile por mimienta, we would say, yes, maybe you would change your habital diet, to a very small change affecting some miligrams of "sex.s.d....,"(chili are scientificaly proof, afrodisiac!)
every day of your food.

But hundreds millions people said to lerneing in that so poor, in info and or in in interaction, without not until now so symplectic and phisicaly described the problem,

We have described the problem, the jierarquical classrooms, and the solution, in easyliense terms,...

We hav the same opinion of Bologna (in this aspect) revolutionary any anydoubt aspect...

But people were distant to understand the importance of "looking ourseleves our eyes as basic, easylient, and very very old ow our technology...

Abduction 1.0 is that aula, megaroads, and screen, acording their interacivity tax of interactions..

Abduction 2.0 is (never forget that are flwoing and fuzzy cualitative free individualy variables, only informative, intuitive variables, memes, that you put at playing, amng them,

as the change is the constant in universe except in certain dimensions from certain small worlds (in term of their low complexity, minilamis maxim, efects very eficaces, but also very vulnerables ??? 1.800 and more years) to me discovered..

as the change is movement and the movement is change,

as life is movement and schange, kissels for alll auuuuuuulll and enjoy your dance your life,...

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  1. nodejada aqui: la ciencia 2.o ¿mide la inteligencia como antaño, antañikos, añikos se hace ese psicologismo de aromas inolvidables, ante el tsunamy re-quete urbani-huertador......tambende nstras mintis, ni mintis vili?