lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Infimonikal System. We are all One (Indymedia Version)


ISMA Utopoietic systemS


Numerology, Statistics, Monolitic Economic Thoughts, so visible in the Mass Media, indicates an increasing amount of ignorance, at ignoring diversity, qualities and diferences. (1) Numbers are abstractions, (3) Statistics are Hyperabstractions. (8) And Actual Poorness in Economical discourses, based in a succesive intergration of such accumulation of abstraction, make actual tardocapitalism, an obsolete system of believings.


Our actual slavery system, which try to follow the Sates, is thus a rich amount of supertitions, so repeated and encripted in our bodies, brains, and minds.

In general social movements, Occupiers, and 15M, and Tharirs, are acting mainly as reactors.

The world constructed by that poor democracy still based on Psychology of Masses Fascism, these maybe deeper, in many senses, in Western Countries, than North Corean Personality Cult. Because our representational leaders, travel, densely, across the Media, across internet, in the way of their oficial image, a photograph, or video, and are spread across many countries, and many readers.

And all newspapers and Media talking about "Rajoy", one individual person, as you and me, that by the magics of highest tax of reproduction, of our interconnected information systems, serve, in that way, for desinformation, just because when we see to images of Rajoy in TV, for example, we are thousands. We are thousand people eating a typical monodiet, a seudopolitical monodiet, where the images, and words about only one person, parasitizes a so expanded space of communication.

What we saw in twenty century with so many millions of people dead in so irrational chain of wars.

20 Century is the century of Radio, and of the development of newspapers.

Today we have television and internet.

But sometimes we obey to all that shit psychology of Masses Fascism, when we react to certain politicians saying something. We, at the end, dedicate maybe more time to react, to the opinions of politicians, than for spreading what are our alternatives, our ways for reconstructing that nightmare of western civilization that already have touched so much deep, in her falling.

The arrival of the radio and photographs, newspapers make most powerfull, the transmission of individual messages, from the leaders, toward a huge population of Humankind.

In centuries beyond, the leader needed to ensamble all people physicaly, to meet a certain similar situation...

If we don't take that in account, maybe we wouldn't understand, the symplistic way of oppresion we suffers today.

In the old times was Christ, a certain hypothetical image of him, were traveling, as a symbol, used comonly by the cristians following "idolatry".

Idolatry is the process of constructing a idol. Today the construction of a leader, be a singer, or a politicians, is historicaly fed by all the practices of all those centuries, when Idolatric Christians choose Europe for developing themselves.

Muslim countries wait, until 19 century, for including, for first time, human images in their print and books.

But Catholics are a idolatric culture. The power of symbols is greater in european countries for that reason. Because technicaly, this tool, by which the photograph of a leader is intensively spread within their domain, is all the same root, and fisiological characteristics, as on the religious side.

Thus, we are demonstrating, as these countries, their political systems, based, thus, on old idolatric syperstitions, follow today, in 21th century, applying, over their citizens, a communication programation technique identical, in its physiological functioning, as the idolatric adoctrination work of churches.

If Constitutions says about the clear separation among States and Church, what we are talking here is that it is a lie.

And the risks, of mass destruction, using Psychology of Mass Fascism, is still high, not very high. Just because internet 2.0 (more social, less leaders) make easier to go out from that neurosemantic trap.

If democracy rules this state where I live, there are absoltely no reason why the image of president Rajoy would be more frequent, in the Media, than of any other spanish citizen.

Democracy is just destroyed, for Rajoy, just one week after election. The highest dominance of his image, in mass media, what means clearly is that we have not advanced from Middle Ages.

As Rajoy said, " we are not making anything for what to feel shame".

But if we look at recent Spanish years, when corruption was so much, what we see is that sustainability was absolutely absent from institutions, when transforming so deeply our - rich in biodiversity - landscapes, and destroying our possibilities for future.

If we are to prevent shame, we are going, from Occupy and 15M to claim for Sustainability. Ecological economics is a science, integrated within the ecosystem. In that way, it is ecology who rules the economy. And what measures is not money, but energy units. Ecological Economics give preference to eficiency. And now we have no room for more supertitions. We have a formidable (scientific) tool, Eco-Eco, to prevent more lies from leaders from states. And we can choose those changes, for our countries, that take in account, that increase our eficiency, in food, transportation, health, etc...

US Transportation systems would urgently be changed, based on eficiency. Collective Taxis, Vans, Microbuses would clean the economy of USA and of all the world. Individual cars are a ruinous system that the planet cannot support more time. Now or never!!!

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