In such a short time we have seen as one country can be changed, thru a war, in order to have more oil, for more and more cars. We maybe are againts that absurd war, but maybe no one have stop to think about how our streets and plazas, each day plenty of almost empty cars: Have anything to do, one thing with the other?

Maybe your daughter at school are studing that many cars in your city, are not preferred to many bikes, just by all the problems we know so very well.

But for certain reasons, you almost wouldn't find these days some stupid gay talking about that stupid problem.

The cars feed on oil. Industrial societies would go to thinking how industrial they want their future, our future. Industrial education is we hope, almost in the red list of endangered species. We only are going to change the rotogonal structure of classical, lecture classroom, for a classroom where everyday students are in a "U" shape in order to allow in classroom a horizontal and permanent contact among all.

The day all students will be against this anachronic "statual" classroom, where students were treated not as human (free) beings, but as perfect (an idealised) estatuas. Estatuas without possibility of an easy contact with other estatuas. Estatuas conminadas a mirar siempre adelante. Y jamás al compañero (si es día de examen).

I think that animal farm laws are more permissive with hens and pigs than our ridicular industrial education system for fabricating estatuas, at what level? look at Spain, with the higher percentage in UE of university population! And all that cultured society have seen how all the laws were coverted in ¡fire!

Only the laws porsuits for apply justice in post Hypercorrupted Spain, would need maybe twenty years for hundreds of thousands of cases still waiting to be solved!

Each meeting where people is not seen themselves, by direct and easy visual contact, is clearly a contrarevolution.

If Wilhem Reich would know these times, would see how his "Mass Psychology of Fascism" can be measured today, easily, in our actual representationist politic theater.

Contrarevolution is also to talk about one certain man or woman, maybe a leader who we don't like, and by this reason, we criticize. The democracy quality index measures the redundancy in our Communication Media. And what political leaders want is that we talk about them. But referring them as singular, personal leader, that are only títeres, payasos, escondiendo detrás, como ya archisabemos, a dense network of diverse interests. Using us particular, personal names, in our critique of a network system, would means that we are repeating, cloning, reproducing, this same system.

Language is powerful. Internet have changed language for ever. Internet has two faces, the face "A" is internet 1.0, where you act as the zomby imagined by patriarcal rules, embedded in the Media 1.0. You only feed, but you don't produce food. You only read, but you don't participate in the web 2.0.

In Web 2.0, all roles are evaporating... You are not only a traveller across that inmense Ocean: "The Web".
In web 2.0, your participation is also active, writing here and here, and producing knowledge, that are able to be fed by anyone oneday, meeting and encountering with you, and so on.

The speed of change in internet today is excepcional.

But, in the meanwhile, there are so many left people that are not participating in the web 2.0. Generaly I used to say that pesimism and internet filia are in inverse correlation. Generaly internet inform with more optimism than conventional media. If fear is who govern us, mass media trasmitting fear is a govern-prone preference.

In web 1.0 you are reader.
In web 2.0 you are reader, boss, coordinator, writer, comentator, within maybe one hundred blogs, ("guay gueby gueb") where you are going freely to put in any post, something interesting from any media, or your own reflection.

People generaly think that it is a hard work writing and writing in a blog. But the things are more easy. There are so much interesting things to share in internet that you don't need to write something, but only paste, those things that you have some interest.

It is urgent to change estatuas classrooms by free "U" classrooms. It is urgent all classrooms connected permanently to other classrooms, from any part of the world. The world is today clser than ever, and our students and teachers must live in that global world we are living within. And the aula or classroom, today, the global classroom, is only one classroom so cultural rich as United Nations. Today, we can. No money you need for that. Zeronomics, zero cost economics: Would be to profit the "empty spaces" that this capitalistic system of life had taken "out" or invisible.

Zeronomics, if you are reading that from the South, you would see how easy zeronomics do is.

Boaventura de Sousa Santos "Epistemología del Sur" is a very good basis for understanding how southern styles of life could solve actual northern crisis.

Only recently we discover this book, discovering also the great similitude of points of view between Santos, and we, from the symbiodiversity concept.

"Overlaping the Map" would be a name for that operation for what is labelled as "Civilizations Alliance".

You put a transparent map of your country, or state, on the map of other country, or state. Maybe you chose a sothern country or state, or province.

The question here is that, along with industrial revolution, cities begun to loss more and more rights for their citizens. But many of this rights, are still alive among many cities of many southern countries.

The right to interchange or selling by people is specialy enhanced in southern countries, where people follows practising their "primitive communism".

As Lenin said, the future of capitalism is "primitive communism". And we have it. Both in north and south, capitalism have forced to many practices of sharing and distributing that are clearly part of this primitive communism.

What is here is our Eurocentrism. Precisely Internet allows to know opinions, not only of West, but also of many other cultures alonf the world.

I think To spread this civilization alliance would be "guay".

If primitive communism is a natural basis in the history of all cultures. If primitive communism is today so spread along that world. If, in pragmatical ways, primitive communism means the rescue of our inalienable historical rights, lost in the north, but existing in the South, of free small commerce, as in the medina of Tanger, Tetouan, Asilah, Essaouira, Marrakech...:)))

Thus, we would see primitive communism as the way that southern countries, also interested in a global peaceful community, can teach us, how their milenarian knowledge systems, are also usefull for the northern countries, for retaking our dignity. Nice to meet you, 2.0!