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Text or Not Text?

("Los parajos

always write
the sky they fly")

If Sensosphere covers all (information) parts (inputs from) of reality, with independence of the kind of information, where this information is expressing itself.

In that way, in all that spaces or dominions, where information is expressed, across Noosphere (= Biosphere = Sensosphere), they are always a Biological Language, and a Ecosystem Language.

In that way, if we choose writings, texts, and books, they can be analysed as Ecosystem language, as a Language and a Discourse, developed by Humans (living) within Ecosystems, which speaks, in a diverse way, across our texts.

Our (formal) texts are only other texts, within all kinds and levels of texts, able to be translated in a formal text, and where all texts, at the end, are produced, by Ecosystem.

In that way, if you look at reality, form a ecosystem or ecological focus, that means that society and humankind, are both explicitely included in that holistic and scientific and objective focus.

Applying diversity analysis to the (formal) texts, we can easily look at diferent amplitude of the focus, of any text. Diferent texts, will cover, with diferent amplitude, certain levels of reality, but not others.

("Con la lluvia, la casita invisible, huele de maravilla, ¡Uhmmmm!")

That can be visible in formal, classical, Human/Nature epistemological barrier. In that way, analysing two scientific journals: "Conservation Biology", and "Ecological Economics", we could probably find, maybe, that the last one covers, with more amplitude, both sides of the barriers, among themselves. Making more clear the "Humanature" fussion.

These two journals are being approached across their key-words; key-words will be the input for that analysis.

In a later process, a capture by google search, of any meme (key-word), gives us a cloud of ideas, and associated memes, that can be used to amplify, our information...

Text, in this so wide sense we are using, for a symplectic consensus, about how to connect Merleau-Ponty Flesh, within all the developments in biosemiotics, ecophenomenology,

(((:biophenomenology would be seen as absurd, (as a redundance, as phenomenology of perception) as phenomenology herself, coming from outside biology, but being so clearly! a biological discipline for understanding perception, in the meanwhile that biology were dreaming in other things; they are biologists maturana and varela who take explicitely (NEURO) phenomenology and situated her within a explicit biological focus; in the meanwhile, official science, in general, were continuing with their denial of so much obvious (intuitive) things; that is, by two times, science have deny (more or less) phenomenology: coming from philosophy, and coming later from formal biology; fortunately this resistance of formal scientists will dead when shamanism and common sense are now coming, for supporting the same focus; both, for making them easier for comprehension, and for convincing "los últimos de Filipinas" THE ACTIVE, DYNAMIC BODY, IS THE MORE CONVINCING ONE :))) transpersonal psychology, autopoietic and complex systems, and over all those, our well coming (from XIX century!) Ecóooology!;


Text in that way, is any utterance, sensation, or qualia, that you expresses, by any language, including also, the own language of the own sensation, maybe coming from a Black Bird Song, and swimming across the air thru quantum waves, and envolving you all, and all ecosystem around you and the BlackBird, and , among all of them, also reaching your hears, and putting in dance all the inner hears, and the tympanum, sharing the same rythm, as the inner percussion of this formidable concert we enjoy, justly, sensing...within our sensing lives, aware of the triple dimensionality of the space where these pasionate waves were transmitted, an aware of the multi, quasi infinite dimension, present in any moment, ssensing moment, within our lives, where a minimum of sensational complexity is present and processing.

Texts, in this so sensual sense, are bits across Universe that you catch and reflect, sometimes, in a formal language, audio, visual, or writing.

("a moebius text")

1) Materia prima:

Two Scientific Journals: "Conservation Biology", and "Ecological Economics"

Ecological economics and conservation biology journals represent two complementing views, well established ones, with highly impact factor for scientists.

2) Two preliminary (network of) texts:

Symbiotic Conservation and Biocultural diversity are two powerfull tools, very much similar, each-one-to-the-other-one, for understanding the path towards sustainability, as it is aproached by the two scientific journals shown above, but integrating, as essential, the human being, that is generaly missing in many? articles of the above scientific journals.

Both concepts are similar to Symbiodiversity, and were born almost around the same years. First appearance was for "Symbiotic Conservation", Second, Symbiodiversity, and third, biocultural diversity. mAYBE. You could go google, but I found the first in january 2006, symbiodiversity was appearing as a CD publishing, in 2003, and Biocultural diversity I was discovering more recently, maybe 2007?...

The diference is that, in the meanwhile that Symbiotic Conservation, and Biocultural Diversity, are only used for indigenous peoples, and a little for agricultural (non-indigenous) communities, we for symbiodiversity include, explicitely, and also, the human urban population. Tha magical path for that wide focus in Symbiotic Conservation, and in Biocultural Diversity, that represent Symbiodiversity, is that in this case, you are aware in focusing in your everyday or common life, as it is plenty of biodiversity.

Moreover, we amplify the sense of biodiversity towards all the landscape, in a holistic way, just because our universe of sensations, that construct Us, across our sensorial network, is shaped within ALL THE ECOSYSTEM, that in that way is clearly one-with-you, ONE with you, measn one within certain instant or moment, or circunstance, where this conversation we call (sensorial) life, is "owned" by the ecosystem, and where you are "only" a priviliged perceiver, observer, and sensor.

On the other side, as in other animal species, we use "extrabiological" ("not-living") things, from ecosystem, for our nests (or houses). The same for ants, that are living also in "artificial" ecosystems, or BlackBird using some plastic rest in their nests, or some artificial part you have within or close to your body, as your clouds? :)))

3)"Una Epistemología del Sur". As the "Bible".

You can translate by google. This book represent a very close vision from our own one along symbiodiversity, and many new tools developPed these years. It denounces how the SOUTH REPRESENT A GREAT RECORD OF MEMORIES, LIVING MEMORIES, FOR OUR NORTHERN MODERN CIVILIZATION TODAY RENEWAL AND REGROWING

---------------- ---------------------

This GAME WITH TEXTS, and key words, seems as a championship among (formal) texts, to look, systematically, THE POWER OF INTEGRATING AND IMPLEMENTING SCIENCES.

Symbiodiversity, or their equivalent, are in that way Integrating and Implementing (a)disciplines. A superb result for the dreams about systemics, and about transdisciplinarity.

And very curiously, as you would see, if you have travelled across our texts, in these blogs (of the guay gueby gueb), specially last six years, OUR MAIN TOOL HAVE BEEN GOOGLE!

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