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mimouX. An e-mail, a ring and a house sparrow (copy and paste)

ISMA Utopoietic systemS

mimouX: your sensing self is a multi-co-operative system


And thus we can apply the basic tools we use in our ciber activities, to understand our true possibilities, for "occupy, connect and create". We know so much science about what actualy means, being a human being, in that 21th century. We don't need to study all that "new" science. It is enough to be aware of the practical powers we receive from that science, for implementing our dreams.


You are typewriting an e-mail (1); in that moment you hear a "ring", and you go to the telephone (3); just a little before to take your telephone, you see, thru the window, how a House Sparrow clashes on the glass (8).

Three synchronic events, as any more you are living each day in your life.

Look at the diferent (information) systems, where these diferent events happens.

1) An email is a certain channel of communication within internet. In its simplest form, one email is going from one person to another person. Your email is a node within your network of people connected by email. Email maybe considered a subsytem of one greater system called Internet.

People using internet, only for email, and for read something in internet, would have a very diferent communication experience, from the experience achieved by someone that write in blogs and webs, for expressing openly their ideas.

Maybe Spain would not passed her Calvary of Intensive Destruction and Corruption, and Crisis, if in 2005, a critical mass of left movements, would participate more writing in blogs and webs, and making a global spred of their messages, we maybe would have stopped that Destruction Machinery.

Today is almost the same. Left movements, at least in Spain, still wait for changes, and democratization, in the mass media, and in the political class. But they are not still aware of our true powers for being we our own media. This was the slogan of Indymedia, when was created, revolutionising the Media. But today we have the possibility of expressing, as we think, what are our desires, and alternatives for crisis, we can speak for all humankind, across a Blog, that any child in any schooll has. But historic left movements, have not recycled in internet 2.0. We have all that revolution in internet 2.0, but it is almost as inexistent. In my own experience, I myself was a "perfect digital inmigrant" until 2004, when I began using internet in a more open, and interactive way.

All what these antidemocratic systems have made from HumanKind, and our lives, is the heredity, of Decades of Systematic Desinformation Systems, serving to the antidemocratic powers.

In Spain we could say that from Spanish 1936/39 Revolution, until The arrival of internet, we had seven Decades of adoctrination and Desinformation.

With Internet, HumanKind have the whole possibility to reverse the way in which antidemocratic systems, have been oppressing people, cultures, territories, and Humankind.

With Internet Historical left Movements, have the whole possibility to expand all their information and to expand their consciousness sharing, not only information, from here to there, but also our own ideas.

In one Blog, you can open in half a minute, you are the reader, you are the owner, you are the administrator, you are the director, you are the redactor, you are the editor.

When printer for computer were appearing, your computer become a print.

When Internet 1.0 was appearing, you would be free to read anything across all that new global information system called Internet (1.0).

But when Internet 2.0 was appearing, to-read-and-share, becomes only one of the many possibilities for you and for HumanKind.

When writing, within the whole free style that you can use in a Blog, your freedom of expression, and thus, your creativity, is not controlled by anyone.

In that way, if you mix, in internet, writing "correctly", and writing "freely and uncorrectly", your creativity will be increasing, because you follow being as that child you were, when using all your creativity for many things.

In general I tend to think that this pessimism so extended among historical left movements and intellectuals, may come from the fact that they have still not entry, almost, to the ocean of freedom, and from liberation, that it is internet 2.0.

Look at formal media, how they tend to dramatize about reality. Look at internet 2.0, how any person can express their opinion, and you will find less pessimism in internet 2.0, than in formal media, and than in Historical Left movements and intellectuals.

What was reborn, with internet 2.0, was the world of interaction. The new generations are so interarctive, in the meanwhile Left movements follow only a little interactive.

The world, by default, is a world of interaction. Systems are defined by their interactions. In all interactions you share, it is always present your body.

It is your body (fingers), who were working actively typewriting your email (1). Your legs was also active when you hear the ring of the telephone (3).
And your head was "shocked" when seein the House Sparrow clashing on the window glass (8).

Experience always happens in a territory. Diferent territories are interconnected. In our story, the center of the action is your office, where you are going to live this three synchronic events.

Telephone is a system, a network of places, or and people, connected among themselves.

But what about the House Sparrow?

House Sparrow is in her way, another information system, another multi-co-operative system.

Which relationships would ne established among this three systems, and events?

You are a system, a multi co operative information system. You are always interchanging information with other systems. The channels maybe diferent (the window of your office, the computer, the telephone), but all the information is taken by you, across your sensorial systems.

In that way, we could add yourself as another system, to the other information systems.

And thus we have: (0): You, yourself, your sensorial body.
(1): Computer and internet.
(3): Telephone
(8): The House Sparrow.

Is there any possibility to consider all those information systems as members of the same club?

Is there any possibility to consider a system or network, where all that information (sub) systems would be included?


The answer coming from Ecology. Ecology was a revolutionary science where the focus is on the interactions. Ecosystem, or any system, is defined by the interactions. All system sciences were feeding later from this basic idea from Ecology. Ecosystem is a intuitive unit, based in popular historical approach to landscapes. It is a arbitrary unit, because you can choose as ecosystem any piece of territory. Also a cell, or an organism, maybe considered an ecosystem...

Your office is a ecosystem, the window being a certain barrier, or and connection, between your office and the garden outside.

If you increase your scale, you would consider a ecosystem containing both, the office, and the garden. For example, you can choose "Facultad de Ciencias", as a ecosystem, including, within her, both, your office, and the garden where the House Sparrow lives.

In that way, these three events you observed, was happening within a ecosystem, that, at local scale, can be defined as "Facultad de Ciencias".

But these events where also happenning across internet and telephone network, that covers beyond the physical territory we called. "Facultad de Ciencias".

One greter system we could choose to include, both, the local physical territory, "Facultad de Ciencias", and internet and telephone networks is "Noosphere" (The sphere of human knowledge).

But Human Knowledge is not only human. We know within ecosystems. And ecosystems also share "Biosphere". If we consider humans as life and as a animal species, we could consider all the activities by humans, included, within Biosphere.

We as sensorial animals, perceive across our sensorial systems. We thus feed on sensations. Sensations are the simplest and intuitive way to understand reality in our lives. "Sensations are all". We use sensations as the basic inputs of information in our lives, lived as sensorial animals, or living beings.

Sensations are also the same as "Qualia".

All the Sensations shape "Sensosphere", the Sphere of (our) sensations. A part of the Sensosphere is your office, but maybe you heard, from your office, certain sounds coming from a road, maybe three hunderd meters away. In practical ways, your piece the sensosphere would be as a cloud, within the physical territory, covering the 3D space where the sound waves circulate and are perceived by your sensorial body.

Sensosphere would be a great system including all physical territories, and all the communication territories (internet, phone), with independence of the kind and history of the system we include.

In that way, we revitalise our surroundings.


Because as you have seen, political class and mass media almost never include the territory, or ecosystem, in their communication. Territory is absent, as social actors, both, for politicians, and for social movements. Both groups are actualy abduced by anthropocentrism, and individualism.

mimouX is thus a "co-system", as a way for you are aware, and enjoy, all the natural and historical interrelationships we humankind, have been feeding along generations, but in last urban times, we have in part lost these memories, from ourselves.

Any system in interaction with you, are influencing, and transforming, your own reality. But if you are not aware of a important part of your reality, as it is ecosystems, your power is decreasing, in the same way as people when lossing their own language. In fact, when people forget to look at our (other species) colleagues, they forget also to talk about them and, in this way, they are not consider in the fights of the social movements...

If you think, and enjoy, all the species "and colleagues", you eat within your food, maybe you would be aware of this communitarian characteristic around The Life (your Life) in that planet.

This planet is not limitant in ressources. Only politicians discourses are limitant. Escherishia coli would occupy all the planet weight, or biomass, only when this bacterium would find free way to reproduce, without limitations, and this would last only 48 hours!

When mimouX include all the ecosystem, internet, etc, and the physical local ecosystem, it makes easier for you to understand how a network functions, because you begin for considering your self as a sensorial body, hyperconnected, by default, to all ecosystem, and your body is your connector within that intuitive network, inclusional, we call "Ecosystem" or and Sensosphere.

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