jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Wellkoming Fifth Inforomatic Revolution

(Fifth Informatic Revolution: Images)

The Fifth Informaticatic (yu sey "tic" in inglisg?) rewolution is jier, an yu will nout dat any change in this text, not close the possibilities for understanding, unless your so co-domesticated writing and lecturing habits, take yu aut off the road...

Text has been perfect co domestication roads, as almost left respected intelectuals, were expressing in perfect, co domesticated, artificial, recent, the only not prohibited by the state, across dizaines of disciplines related with language, and so more discipline for learning, memorizing, and writing, and expressing, maybe twenty years later yu iniciate so iniciatic way as wester industrial education wsa, before this reyes magas, which, hidden, or travestiing, under the reyes magos camouflage, are going to teik to all the children of the world, the minimal indigenous, and multicultural, and educational, and healthy, and forever enjoied right to living as learning, and living as yu were making these zings before the arrival of industrial revolution.

If we are celebrating the fifth informatic revolution, with make each humanimal,, again, an animal connected animal, the world, all the world, small world, transconnected with the minimal democratic desire, today a reality, posible, prbable, and secured, that any elections, in any part of the world, would be followed, by millions of obsevers, and making their legitime vote of expressing, acroos internet and social networks, and plazas, their owns opinions about the candidates. In this way, it is possible that official (old-way) results, be distinct of internet votation results.
In that way, thus, we have the opprotunity to play following our support for that party..

Maybe the most easy, symplectic solution would be a #glowalparty

A web connecting all the elections in all countries.

Maybe in the future would be interesting synchronicing elections all over the guorld, that is yu, an yu are the wor, see the next mun, chabal, a ver si nos vamos a ver las caras y to, la luna y yo, ya yuna y yu...

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