We have learned so much to pray.
Industrial education systems, separated a special cast of sumise servers for neofeudal actual times.
Along almost each and every day, you will see the streets empty of young life, human young lives, enclosed in small spaces, during hours and hours, almost any physical movement allowed.
When industrialization of education began, institutions were forced to a quickly and not costly way to domestication of so many people, so indigenous, and not industrialized, in their mind, and in their bodies, still.
Today authors, celebrated authors, talk about vulgar language, and thinking, as vital for maintaining, from generation to generation, the cultural richness of a culture, anyone.
For example wittgenstein, say to you about that language is public.
What that's means?
If language is public, as eating, and moving your body, that means that (human verbal) language, being developed along milenary communities, only recently subjected to private property (rights and debts!).
You have the great and unsurmontable paradox, that all the rights capitalism exiges for the owners, is at cost of using certain transformations, from a universal tesaurus of creativity (and recreativity!) called "Life".
If these owners of capitalism, defend legal ownering rights, on a sample of materials, or products, that they have not designed, but only in the last, very last, portion, or phase, of all their development time.
If so many mony searching on life, today say us that life is an organism four thousands and a half millions years old!
And we are members of so much guay trans mega corporation ("Gaya and Daughters"), that means that things can be seen now from another points of view.
Margulis is the great anarquist biologist.
Her so wide aproach to life, from Gaya, to bacteria, makes her books, and articles, of so much power for empowering us in the anarquism among biological realms, in order to, after to see that they, these millions of species, and billions and billions of organisms, convivializing with and within us, during that lapse of time,
Life, and all ecosystems, are also
What revolutionize phenomenology, from her beginnings, is very curiously "a biological" affair. Being very friend of nature, Husserl take toward philosophy, the way of contemplation within nature, that he had learned, as a natural way of interrelating within us (humans) and within US (Life∧&ecosystems).
What introduce Husserl in philosophy, is the World of Life, Die Leben Welt.
And the living world is the everyday living world.
We pray every time we try to learn memorising something.
Industrial education systems were used to put dificult examinations to pupils, that now have all the info in gúgel "nomás".
Industrial education were used to "plant" people, among woods and metals, in order not escaping from the place where they must learn.
In a very orthogonal situation.
This is http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=adoration&searchmode=noneADORATION.

Adoration, in recent industrial education systems, were to put one adult human, in front of many young humans, in order to channeling "all" attention, towards one angle, or one point, the teacher, and where hearing attention were directed towards the same point, than seeing attention.
And almost all people, is not allowed to an easy direct communication among themselves.
That is almost selves in ortogonal-bipolar classrooms, where (functionaly) inexistent.

To pray is to learn, repetitively, some lesson, some law, some anything.

Adoration, any doubt, becomes, deviene, by natural deriva, hipnosis.

People that like the lesson and follow the intelectual road proposed by the teacher, become as hipnotised by certain interesting idea. Is a type of abduction, or obssesion.

You follow what atract to you.

In a physiological way, roads, and lecture of books, results in a parallel way, as ortogonal-bipolar classrooms.

And also the news in television.

Always that you smell a monologous, without conversation, this is abduction (1.0), this is "Mass Psychology of Fascism".

We are not saying that people meeting in ortogonal, bipolar structure, would be stailinist, or fascist.

We say that this collective practises, when they are developped ninguneando, with the "passive denial", unconscious, if you want, of 99%, are contrarevolutionary.

All we are contrarevolutionaries, included in that crazy system we are now aware we are within.

Recognising, from autocritic point of view, that we have many places where fascism is very strong today, or very common, within our societies.

Recognising that wisdom is knowledge.

We know we are feeding fascism within our societies.

We know that and thus we know how dismantling that.

But we are not bombing universities and classrooms.

Creativity and play are the rules to jumping over the modern dualities still a little common in many left discourses, as Isabelle Satreingers treat it.

South smell to solution, also in Isabelle feelings and desires.

Isabell propose to share with witchcraft Starhawk.

Shamanism merges, along internet and scientific journals, as a ressucitated species of knowledge, able to talk, "de tú a tú", with modern sciences and philosophies.

For Fericgla anthropologist, shaman thinking is children thinking

On her way Isabelle proposed us to abandon "adult thinking".

We can be adults but we try not to be "adulterated" children.

In fact, what shamanism proposes us across our dynamic bodies, they are as the games we have made when young.

We prefer to say that shamanism is the body and thinking of children.

Because mind and body dynamics are together.

Possitive Psychology, Piraha happiness, Budhist autopoiesis of Maturana, Brain Budhist Happiness of http://www.redesparalaciencia.com/2871/redes/2010/redes-60-la-ciencia-de-la-compasion
Mathieu Ricard, Mirror Neurons, Human Echolocation, Conversation Neurons, Long Term Potentiation & Long Term Depression

We have learned, these years that we are within a unsurmontable scientific revolution, but almost specialists following dreaming "el sueño de los justos", from their straight point of view.

And vulgar people it is now their way, because all that new science what they show us, is that it is possible to live in that planet using both, (1) all the new advances, and also all the (3) "old advances" of our previous generations, and the (8) "advances" of today southern countries, that show clearly a more "hybrid-culture" (among "old" and modern).

Commons sense becoming in that way a power for the commons, a commons' sense!

Shamanism merges as a hyper common sense, sparsed in time and space on all coins in that planet.

Optimism is today, more revolutionary than ever.

Once that bad "superstition" called capitalism is dying.

Once we renew our language as she is so quikly changing in nowadays internet.

Technicaly "orador" teacher, prays his lessons, if he follows the same structure every day.

Thus, technicaly, who listen and look fixely, during a considerable spam of their lives, to one being making that, a lecture, they are ADORATING

In spanish "Oración" means phrase, what you say.

But industrial forced education systems, in making so much enfasis on memorising the way, and the rules, the people must speak and talk, correctly, in industrial societies, convert the natural way of communication, from milenarian times, within communities, in a special ability that must be directed by a cast called "experts".

Experts in each part of our lives, but now I like to refers to experts in the way to speak.

When never before, people were analised as if they were speaking correctly!

Imagine a baby being subject to correction by the adult, when she is beginning to speak! or to eat!

Later, very early, in recent patriarcal modern families, children were continuously evaluated by anything they do.

Today cultural radical globalization has reimposed a more global world vision.

And ustedes lo pasen bien!