martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

The returning To Commons' Sense

What for so much money retired from other sides, and destined to science?

Destined Science, The science for Destiny, That Glorious 21th century science has been able of making the communion.

We have definitely returned to commons's sense.

For the sage destiny, of recovering our destinies, re taking commons' sense as our guide, the new science has born. Holistic science that don't try to se`parate us, but to re joins us, to suming up more that if we are or feel as separated.

Un fuenreovejuna planetario.

The returning to commons's sense by the language and results from 21th science means a great victory, any doubt.

The changes accomodating our "things" (educational, political, social..) to actual coming so great scientific revolution, are easiest, just coming from a clear awareness that we all want living as so many people want living in the world.

If logical in science is reaching a historical contrat with the historical, basis principles, of and for, our social and cultural organizations, this is a big result, where all people have participated. Other people, "not" human, too!

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  1. por ejemplo, si mueves la ruedecilla del ratón, vuelas parriba y pabajo con el aguila y paqué más!