martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Steps to Democratization of Science

Democratization of Science Means Popularization: To Make Towards The Flesh of People to Rejoint, to Identify with The Flesh Of Science.

The Flesh Of Science Is The Creme of The Creme of Science To Be Known, To be Lived Within The Body Of people To Be Aware Of Actual Dimensions oF Actual Scientific Revolution.

To be Aware Of Actual Dimensions Of Actual Scientific Revolution, as to be the same body and mind of the scientists that actualy represente that formidable "jugada", means to be aware wich that the true, and plain, sense of meaning, IS JUST SENSING.

Sensosphere, as the fist-and-last THEORY OF ACTUAL CENTUREY.

Say us that almost all the info money in our dying patriarcal money society, comes, precisely from Sensosphere.

Sensosphere is a holon, containing any piece of information your senses would capt.

In that way sensosphere is equal to book of life, and to akasiks registers.

What quantum phisics means as a world of possibilities.

Possibilities and not probabilities, becomes the axis mundi of FuzzYonics: I call as the science-and-technology to enjoy the teaching-and-learning of fuzzy logics throughout universities, joiks, and schools.

It was after I just Wrote a capital "Y" (before was absent) between "Fuzz" AND "onics", when I SEE the relevance deleuze give to "Y" (AND). Andaluzía, in her own terms, becoming when time a fuzzy-proned region, as all the attempts to impose (imposting: agaiinst the truth-within-territory) a power-reducing tool, against thousands-and-thousands people having longly experiencing, within their flesh, all that territorial (the true) natural laws, it is their intuition, (or commons sense! or evidence!) from where knowledge, and resistence against (with better!) some new resistor, social norm, cultural, bio cultural restriction, wich had been refutated during milenia.

All the transfinite infomoney the andaluzians receive during milenia following that days also, because the experience cvital experiences, the andaluzians are living they are experiences lived within a physical territory, sending authomatically to all andaluzians, very much bits, throgh their lokobrutococo server, and or sensosphere, such a quantity information that multiplicate by some billions order, tro say one short estipulation, the info the andaluzians receive by emails, teuve, radio, conversations, internet including.

Andaluzians are hig resistors againts other imposing to much resistor in their life, as they have liongly learned that is always to live flowing within sensosphere, that is to apply the minmal inputs intro the system, that is,m intro working, witrh the blood of our bodies, to make so much innecesary changes that....

ALL THAT APARENTLY INNECESARY CHANGES, looking at them, now, in that not quantum time perception, means that for making that formidable last and one theory (mThEoRy) sensosphere, all that experiences libing have been maybe important,

at the same level of the mosntruisities lived by husserl in their times.

anyway when we speak, is for say about our deseos, consciousnly or not consciously.

At the `point that the simplectic technik of leeaving your own "·"errors" writing any texts, demostrate so powerfuly the miracle of serendipity, that you have your own capacituy and opportunity to see towards what direction yor fingers and hands go when you are trryiing to say anything, uyyou knowm, if yiou ñlike yokes, and fair, a first level conclusion is that your fingers are bañados por las mismas endorfinas que usted pueda tener en el cerebro, esa es la cuestion....
sus palabras son unas las intencionadas, pero otras las dichas por quien por qle tecladpo? dios nos libre, de adorar tantisimo las tecnologijiiillas estas, no, es que tus manos son sabias, y se van para hacia tu quieres realmente que se vayan, pues para eso escribes consas que te gustan y son los dedos como enanitos, que ayudaran a l gigante a escribir pero metiendo la pata,,, la cuestion es que mientras tu mas fluyas yo que se prueba tu, porque la cosa es que si lo pieinsas mucho, ya los resultados no son tan fluyentes, encuanto a los errores, que parecenm disminuirse, quizas sea efecto de la atenciuon o de lo que sea,

int5encioin, es el tropismo, de cualquyier serm tambien mineral, pues por mucho tropismo que tu desees, no puedes volar hacia arriba de un glope, pues igual, la piedra tiene otras dificultades, no puede rodar hacia arriba, pero si hacia abajo, si le quioetan un pontoconcillo que al pontocarla evita que ruede.

Y la otra democractizacion es en los lugares consagrados al aprendizahe y ensenianza.

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