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In terms of comprehension, we remember that 2006 knew three synchronicities that make easier to understand how intuitions are becoming theories.

In Agoust 2006 Lynn Margulis, what we would say as the big 21th century anarco biologist (Olstrom, would be the Nobel laureate Anarco Economist), present a formula, in the context of an International Congress on Symbiosis. Maybe my rounding and rounding of my mind about this formula, the times after, were in part by the reason that Lynn in her presentation was using English, American English, and I was “in a cloud”, fuzzily understanding a minimal part of their discourse. I remember her attacks to neo Darwinians. But almost anything more. Also, of course, take in account that I am narrating a past history, when all things are seen like in a film. And that small sample of synchronicities is only like the upper part of the iceberg, the trick of our own memory systems, for an easier remembering of our memories. One individual is that: a sample of memories. Living inside a universe of memories. Sensosphere, in enhancing our surroundings, physically, sensorialy, discovers, for anyone, that modern western science were only working with a very small part of our available memories.

The FORMULA: 1+1+…+1 = 1

1 x 1 = 1

1 +1 = 1 ( a different “1”)

1/1 = 1 (because all ones are diferents!)

1 – 1 = 1 (idem)

Is the formula of symbiosis. Of anarquism. Of Qualia. Of sensations.

I returned to Málaga from Vienna, and some time later I ask to some (2) Math colleagues in the Bar of facultad de Ciencias. About a possible mathematical system including only ones. And I remember very wel one of the answers: “That’s the Roman numbering system, and serves for nothing”

I was at computer from my friends living at Cantal de la Victoria. All the Málaga Bay is visually accessible. The Map here DO is the territory. And I am going to open a email from our Algeciras friend, Luis. Luis write to me about Piraha – Hiaitiihi people.

Some times later I an writing in Indymedia Brasil about the identity between between Symbiodiversity, and the mind of Piraha Hiaitiihi (recently I said: “Extraplanetary Human beings”).

As Western educated minds receiving so early all that stuff that never in the history were so much extended and used (not without a formidable fight from the part of victims-heros!).

Thus enabling certain territories from brain-and-body to exercitate them.

A big novelty inside human evolution, of course, producing, as we can see, a very high sume of big wondering sciences and knowledges, very useful for our present and our futures.

Well. It’s time of discovering the powerful knowledge becoming from the re hibridization process of all that new science, in a transparent, horizontal, multicultural, “de tú a tú”, with all possible past knowledge in Human History.

The type one abduction we were suffering under psicologism, (western“burkaism”) (Remember that muslim cultures only began to include (plane) human images in print in 19th century!), have conducted human activities towards a stray way where living is becoming more and more difficult for humans, in many parts on earth.

Well. It is supossed that the theorethical aim of all institucional communication channels, were to point to truth.

Democracy It was supossed, was the way to living according to truth.

And were was the science of Truth?

It was supossed that all science coming from that big formidable oven producing each day thousands and thousands of papers was going to meet the truth.

The truth for all the science 2.0 that were becoming, mainly in last times, was the experience. The experience is accessible to human beings. And the science to know our experience is Consciousness.

It was precisely the mass psicology of fascism, the political practical phenomenal method to that giant abduction type one, clearly hidden under psicologism.

You can look at the rich file of other common points in our life helping, or dressing such a monstruous way of acting, that it was supossed we were going to forget for ever, because its power to subjugation of “others” (by subjugating themselves!).

The certainly partial comprehension of Husserl Phenomenology in his times has been compensated nowdays by a multitude of writings, researchs, and experiences! That have ended putting experience, and our access to experience, as the main point in actual 21th century science.

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