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Sensing Within. A Polymathic Adventure

pol·y·math (pl-mth)
A person of great or varied learning.

[Greek polumaths : polu-, poly- + manthanein, math-, to learn; see mendh- in Indo-European roots.]

poly·math, poly·mathic adj.
po·lyma·thy (p-lm-th) n.

Agustín Antúnez Corrales y Lucía García Casado

In the present paper, we present a synopsis of the history of the development of the theory of Sensosphere, thinking in Biosemiotics as a preferent place where to put this article.

To count about the development of the Theory of Sensosphere is also to count about the polymathic process that converges with the appearance of Sensosphere.

Today to study Global Science, or to implement a polymathic process is like to study species, populations, or individuals as they are approached by a naturalist scientist.

Today we live in the paradise of information. Internet give you enormous possibilities to study a Polymathic career. Autodidactic.

On the other side we live a great deficit of global science approach in universities and other education ecosystems.

Thus, we have too many possibilities, open possibilities for anyone which feel the appeal towards a process of knowledge that years ago only was in the hand of certain selected part of society.

To move yourself across Polymathics, or Global Science, is like to move over many meters above the place where specialists move. Imagine the cosmos is global science. Specialist "live" in only one or two stars. You, Polymath or and Global Scientist, live at many diferent stars, because your nomadism. You are specialised in connecting, by conceptual bridges, all that stars that for a specialist seem very far and distant, and diferent among themselves.

First time a specialist approach to the language of Polymathic Global Science, it is probably that specialist becoming amazingly surprised, in front of a wholy unknown world. For Her, or Him.

On the other side, Global scientist, or Polymath, see easy all those conceptual bridges, that he or she is playing with during years. And for Polymath, the language of specialist is useful for being predated, because any interesting idea the specialist produce across conversation, the Polymath have developed a special attention to catch the most interesting and useful points which appears in the conversation. In the meanwhile, specialist, may be troubled, blind, towards the complex panorama of global interrelationships developed by the Polymath, or Gobal Scientist.

Take in account the important conection of Polymath, or Global Scientist, with common sense, with (common or commons) people thinking. The main Hook or umbilical cord, of Polymath is any doubt common sense. The gradual separation of modern european science writings from common sense have been building a science, and a concept about science, so much esoteric as many ocultist writing in other times. The resultant blindness about science by general people, and by cultured people of other specialties, make that the making, symbiotic making, of scientists plus political people have been a big disaster. Not only because science were during years a hidden knowledge, almost absent of main mass media. Not only because science have grown so much in last times. But here also the point is that scientist language have been so much esoteric, that the main result have been a general analphabetism in science literacy. In spite of having the best, best, best science of last centuries. Which for that, we call Global Virgin Science.

We are comparing three sets or conceptual territories, to analyse their conceptual, semantic, diversities.

The summer course about "VIVIR DESDE LA CONSCIENCIA PLENA" by UMA 2010.

The "Encuentros con la Ciencia" 2010, also in Málaga and connected with university.

The "Congreso de Mentes brillantes" also in Málaga, October 2010.

What we want is to put on the table the abismal diferences about what is science for diferent speakers and diferent managers of science. Science as knowledge is a holistic approach imposing everyday more in institutions all over the world, preventing the previous disasters coming from so a reductionistic approach as: the science as which students mainly study in actual 2010 faculty of science(s) (plural or singular?) That reductionistic approach to science is nosense in actual societies, losing too much money in student education...


Sensing within. Sensing within the uterus where we always are. The ecosystem. Or ecobrain. Where sensations are going and coming through all directions. Where you are a microchip from MOKOPUTOMOKO Server. Where practising you are aware of criminal cutting made by psicologist visions on your sensorial capabilities, on your thinking capabilities, on your own action capabilities.

Today it is just not possible to diferentiate Magics from Science. It was Feyerabend prophecy. look at "The Quantum Zoo" and you will be amazing about author didn't speaks about Magics, expolicitily. Maybe Scientists in that way elude the bureaucracy of 21th scientifism Inquisicion.


Four dimensions appear in the model of Global Education by David selby et al. . Space, Time, Subjects and Subject. Maybe the best and singler door to understand, in practical terms, the complex systems in action. Global Education is very much of common sense. But sometimes seems miriads of galaxias far from normalised scientist lineal language.

Subjects dimension imply that any subject, any theme can be incorporated in the learning process, as in any popular conversation, in order to understand (not to complicate it!) the system we are studing, in order to understand our world (in action)

The dificulties to understand that by people cultured in "monocultures of the mind", may be related with the reductionism of the models they have used to learning for their proffesions.

That means which teachers, and specialists, are not aware of that reductionism. Einstein said you must go out of your system to understand it. They are living within that reductionist context and reproduce it when teaching to their students in classrooms. As specialists, they learned certain reductionist methods and language that seemed to have successs. At least institutions and enterprises pay them for make that research. Reductionist ("blind") research, that reproduce the problems and is not intended to stop problems. Reductionist thinking transmitted to students reproducing them in the classrooms.

Apart from a babel tower, recent capitalism would seem as a splendid rubish system, where as in the new emperor costume, now we discover all the lie behind P.I.B. etc... We were thus constructing, not a system for sostenibility, but for perpetuate a eternal rechange ("progress") system. More problems arise, more money needed for reparing, and so on. So maybe HALF of all that work humankind made that last years were for destructing, and not for constructing that prefered world we dream.

Anyway the actual disaster circumstances has refutated very well the system, that today less and less people support with their confidence.


Edgar Morin speak about three dimensions in complexity. Three worlds. Physical World. Biological World. And Socio-Anthropological World. All three interconnected with recoursivity among them. Individualistic and social worlds are in general dominant in many conversations, where the empowerment of people is being reduced drasticaly because in their constructing world, through that alienated type of conversations, their respective world is reducing from a pleyade of species, individuals, ecosystems, materials, densities, colors, textures, structures, etc... to a empoverished world where only there are some or some more human beings.

Quantum physics visions are not only aesthetic, please, they make to move your own grounds. Your old grounds as a new visions appears. A new vision more dynamic and flexible, grounding the possibilities for optimism, a realistic optimism anyway...

In our sandwich model of consciousness, we "eat" three diferent level of reality, in order to be inclusional, and in order to maintain our power being aware of that powerful world, multilevel world, where I am entangled. The power of that world is thus my own power too. We speak of Bacteria, Human and Gaya. We are all three them. You can change of perspective. But they three are always present influencing you too. More yo think, feel, or speak or write about that three of YOUR worlds, more awareness of them you will have.


Polynesian Shamanism speaks about four dimensions: Objective, Subjective, Symbolic and Holistic. (enlace)

Also we see in Shamanism four principles, and applications.


The first two are philosophical, pragmatic principles, explained in other coins of www.
The last two are methods for working in shamanism, with the same basis: mindfulness.


Mirror neurons

Now people are discussing if they exist or not. The question is that your consensual sensing, both, intersubjective, and embeded, make "automatically" that you and the people which shares your ecosystem, forcefully share also a miriad of sensations system that make you as "sensorial sixters", for the high proportion in sensations you, in your experience, both, share.

"Sharing experience make us one" according to the degree of experience sharing.


Another neurosciences bomb for neoclasical psicologist neurosciences. That unity we speak recently among experience sharing subjects, is growing now with that new element. It is very curious that echolocation is not a new theory, or scientific discovery. It is a innate capability of all us, humans and living beings, that have entry in scientific discourses now after their use, applied use, by blind people associations that have discovered a echolocational position system, not needing the help of other people to freely circulate. The big doubts by scientists about the reality of our innate echolocation technology is an alarming index of the neurodegeneration of scientists' minds.

Neuronal reproduction freedom

Means a scientific discovery, in birds, mice, and humans, that neurons can reproduce all their life spam. London taxi drivers show as their grew brain is growing very much, both in volume and in neron numbers, compared with the drivers of london buses. All that means that we are actualy more powerful beings now. Our brain and neural system is always young. We, our mind, our thinking, is always young. If we feed all them with the miriad of Sensosphere Hard Disk sensations.


Abduction in Peirce meaning is our capability to jump towards we want with our impulses, desires, thoughts, speechs, or actions. I like very much "La Abducción o la Lógica de la Sorpresa", in spanish, because speaks very much from creativity, that for us is the key word for Abduction. Abduction is the basis for creativity. We are seeing that new neurosciences help us to be optimism both, about ourselves and our biological, innate, learning capabilities. Biology has more creativity from that we previously supossed. In fact, autopoietic theories in biology add more and more creativity. Just autopoiesis means auto creation, that is biological systems are creating and creating themselves, through their language interactive process within ecosystems. For that reason we conclude that, as biological systems are recreative, or recreational, learning about biological systems, for certain biological systems, as subjects, that are the students and teachers, they have no reason thus to use methods that increase suffering and effort but not endorfines. We refer mainly to battery hierarchical position in classrooms, where creativity and re creativity are minimised just by the physical structure of fixed, parallel, orthogonal, seats...


Community learning life

Infimonikal mathematical System

mimouX (co) Operative System


All four are complementary. They are holons. They are living as a community. Together. And thus you could see them as not separate systems, but communitary ones.

We have spoken very much about them in www. We have spoken polymathicaly, that is, ideas are coming, from time to time, with independence of the order of such ideas among them. In that way ideas are aprrering, for example, in that blog, serendipicaly. Not having a formal program to develop our ideas, permit you expand your imaginative powers more freely. You receive some idea about anything. You think about this. Maybe you add a such significative question which some hours later are included in the blog. Take in account that Sensosphere is arbitrary in her composition, structure, and function. As maybe you don't know when it is going to rain, in the same vein, you don't know which ecosystem bright, or anything, is provoking in your senses the insolit presentation of a new powerful idea. What it is sure is that Sensosphere is a very big reserve for ideas. Being a real, physical, quantum, matrix of so varied and dynamic infomation, more your senses are aware of Sensosphere, more interesting ideas may come from her...

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