lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

La crême de la crême from neurosciences

La crême de la crême fron Neurosciences are "the four big sisters from matriztic-science-comfrade-ship". As a scientific "maffia", or symplifiers, available for owr own empowerment as radical freelance scientists always aware with that the basis of our knowledge is the sensosphere, as also the basis from what we know as noosphere.

Sensosphere isd everlanguage from gaya herself.

The advantage point of those observers that choose to be considered as "a derived ego" from ecosystem or ecobrain, is that authomaticaly your ego is growing and growing within that marvellous sensational network that for a certain reason was considered sensational (in both and, now, indistingable senses).

But your old ego: where it is now?

Your old individualistic ego is now as a continuously changing flow of sensations within the flowing continuous oceanus of sensations that is sensosphere.

In this way we are adding williams the xix century psychologist, as one agreable help to play constructing within yourself and myself the creative scientific empowerment where the history are putting ourselves. And ourself.

The role of repeated plane-individual-face-images in conventional mass media, was to proyect your selves, minimalisticaly, between both plane faces: the plane face of one idol (zapatero, for example), and the plane face of yourself as a proyective idol-prone.

More human plane faces you invest your time looking for, more far from hyper diverse sensosphere your senses are.

More looking plane face images (cultural individualistic face images industry) more the programatic plans of companies and governments is going to engrabe within your own neurosemanthic networkings.

It would be said that the first map, conceptual map you are going to learn is your own plane face image of yourself.

Take in account that that omage of your own plane face is plane. Is a territory very complex that is minimalisticaly reduced to planiland. As the central european plains, for example.

In a minimalistic territory, where heterogeneity have been "barrida", your ego is already "suspended" in an oceanus of future possible bipolar abduction of great diversity. In this minimalistic sensosphere circumstances ("arreor der zirko") the most efficacy equal the most powerful army: the repetiton, of mantras that later you will repeat as a "perroquet".
Fascist-Mass-Psychology. In late xx century.

Abduction, mirror neurons, ecolocation and ever-brain-maternity (our brains are ever growing and diferenciating, that is ever constructing, authopoyeticaly)

Here you have a very concrete space of scientific theories to re-initiating yor empowerment process.

Pleas add two more: the four shamanic worlds, and the four dimensions in selby global education.

Well, Wilson ("ADN") and margulis ("What is Life") is going to introducing ourselves, if you want, in another space of noosphere.

Our hipotesis, within HyperSci: Hyper Common Sense Science and Technology
is that maybe the names of scientists may predict in a certain way a certain character from their research field and scientific results.

We have Fist-World-Theories, as that produced in certain noosphere "gardens". Maybe Western countries.
Second-World-Theories as coming from was called the second world.
Third World Theories as those from Third World.
Four World Theories from Four World.
Fifth World would be the world resulting in nowdays nightmare within noosphere, where four world plus internet evolve as web 2.0 and native digitals. All that "giant mahonnese" becomes what we call Fifth-World-Theories.

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